Sears Shocks Customers (and Ups Geek Cred) with Crude Mouse Pads

Paul Lilly

Sears is known for selling home appliances and tools, but at least one woman is accusing the retailer of being a tool for selling mouse pads with messages some find offensive .

"My kid had sex with your honor student," one mouse pad reads, while another says, "My President fooled around with your honor student."

It's not like we haven't heard these one liners before or seen them on bumper stickers when stuck in traffic, but we're admittedly surprised to see Sears of all places carrying them. We're just not offended by them, like Patti from St. Charles, who wrote an email to her local CBS affiliate in Chicago.

"I was shopping at Sears online store," she wrote , "and I was shocked to find that they sell mouse pads saying things like, 'I got your honor student pregnant.'"

We're guessing she probably wouldn't like the mouse pads that are sold in Spencers, either.

Image Credit: Sears

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