Seagate Barracuda XT 3TB Review



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If you sign up for Tiger D's e-mail promo I received the price of $169.99 today. Or sign up for newegg promo's and go for HITACHI Deskstar 3TB 7200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s HDD -Bare Drive $159.99 Free Shipping plus Free McAfee Antivirus w/ Purchase. If you actually have the patience for mail-in rebates take off an extra $10



It's selling for $180 on Tigerdirect.



Well the good news is that prices of 1TB and 2TB drives will now go down. We can revisit 3tb drives when the next version comes out and they've worked out all the bugs.


Keith E. Whisman

At $270 bucks it's cheaper to buy three fast 1TB drives and put them in a three drive raid zero array and reap the rewards of even better performance. 



A Raid 0 storage drive? lmao, I guess you'll learn the hard way



You're joking right? I have 4 hard drives in my computer that add up to 5TB and they're almost full.


Keith E. Whisman

Some people don't fill their hard drives with "home videos and fair use digital rips of DVD movies that we purchased" and fair use MP3's made from albums purchased at the store and then mysteriously taken by aliens off the planet along with all evidence of the legitimate purchase. And all the linux distros we love to hold onto. Yep, some people just don't have lives at all and they call themselves power users, PaLease.



Well Thank God you don't work at MPC, Keith.


Or it would have been called Minimum PC, Full of caca.

Being the caveman that your sig implies, burning peeps and assuming that they are thiefs are so low.

And do you imply that MPC hardware staff dont have any lives because they are or calling themselves power users?


There is a reason why we subsrcibe to MPC and as a PC builder and gamer, i want to see whats best and also see how their build their stuff from the latest gear that the market has to offer.

I build my deskptops very close to what MPC has as their dream machines and its because their systems designs are just so damn good. My wife still uses one of my old systems built around an AMD FX60 which she uses for video editing in her work. Ideas for that machine came from MPC and every 'power' system that i've built been good for 3x the machines that my friends are using and gaming on.

So for sure, my systems costs more, but it outlasts most machines and still kick ass.


We read MPC to see the baddest meaneast gear that the market has to offer so take yer caveman comments somwhere


DM 2011 is a that it isnt dead expensive if your remove some stuff and keep to the main core system of what they designed

Still love DM 2010, with the Intel X cpu's and again the main core just kicking ass. I wonder if you upgraded the grafix to Nv580 x3 and OCZ V3 drives, what it would have compared to DM2011...guessing that it would have won :p



Sportbiker (race license), hang glider, tech scuba diver and avid traveller

Also aka PC enthusiast and 'power' user :p



sorry until i fill up my 1tb drive i dont think i need a 3tb i dont think any one realy needs one