Seagate Throws New NAS Box at Small Businesses

Paul Lilly

Seagate has come out with a new storage solution the company says is best suited for small businesses. It's the BlackArmor NAS 400 , the newest addition to Seagate's BlackArmor line, and it comes with flexible storage options.

No big surprise that Seagate recommends pairing the device with their own low power Barracuda 3.5-inch drives, and the company says it also works with the new Barracuda XT hybrid drive. Either way, businesses have the option of running a RAID 0/1/5/10 or JBOD configuration, as well as hot-swapping HDDs.

Other features include Microsoft Active Directory 2003/2008 support, remote access, full system recovery software, event notifications, and four USB ports to add even more storage (or to share a USB printer).

The BlackArmor NAS 400 is available now starting at $400.

Image Credit: Seagate

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