Seagate Ships First Drive with 1TB Per Platter

Paul Lilly

Just when you though mechanical hard drives were starting to go out of style in favor of SSDs, Seagate went and did something that's drumming up a bit of excitement in the storage space. The hard drive maker broke the areal density barrier by announcing the world's first 3.5-inch HDD featuring 1TB of storage capacity per disk platter. Seagate's accomplishment should pave the way for more capacious and higher performing hard drives.

"Organizations of all sizes and consumers worldwide are amassing digital content at light speed, generating immense demand for storage of digital content of every imaginable kind," said Rocky Pimentel , Seagate Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. "We remain keenly focused on delivering the storage capacity, speed and manageability our customers need to thrive in an increasingly digital world."

Summed up, that's marketing speak for "Booya, baby!" Seagate said it's GoFlex Desk products are the to feature the new high density hard drives, with storage capacities up to 3TB and an area density of 625 gigabits per square inch. Later on, Seagate plans to ship its flagship 3.5-inch Barracuda desktop drive with 3TB of storage space, enough to store up to 120 high-definition movies, 1,500 videogames, thousands of photos, and basically a ton of digital bits.

Image Credit: Seagate

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