Seagate Ships 7,200 RPM 3TB Barracuda XT

Maximum PC Staff

Hitachi and Western Digital have been shipping 7200 RPM 3TB drives for several months now, but if you’re a Seagate fan, your horse has finally entered the race. The new 3TB Barracuda XT has started showing up for sale at various online retailers, and Seagate today confirmed it has indeed been officially released.

From a specs standpoint the drive spins at 7,200 RPM, has 64MB of cache, and supports the new 6Gbps SATA interface. On the surface the Barracuda XT appears to be another “me too” product, but the one item that sets it apart is a new proprietary driver that will allow older BIOS based computers to boot from the drive, even under Windows XP.

With a rumoured MSRP of $280 it’s not the most competitive drive in town, but if the driver works as advertised, it’s a great option for those with older systems in need of a capacity bump.

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