Seagate Offering Free Data Recovery Service With New GoFlex Turbo External HDD

Brad Chacos

When we woke up this morning, we had no idea that the security of backup data would be the trend of the day, but here we are anyways (and to be fair, we don't think so clearly in the morning). We've already told you about the supposedly invincible M-Disc , so let's talk external drives; Seagate's new GoFlex Turbo HDD hit store shelves today, and it comes with the company's SafetyNet Data Recovery Service included. If your GoFlex Turbo gives up the ghost in the next two years, Seagate will try to recover your data for free, either remotely or in-lab.

The plan's only good for one recovery attempt, but hey, that's a lot better than you'll get with most HDDs, and third-party data recovery can cost an arm and a leg. And heads up, foreign Max PC readers: the offer's only good in the U.S. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Aside from the SafetyNet service, the 7200 RPM GoFlex Turbo also sports USB 3.0 ports, so you'll be able to load it up quickly. Firewire and eSATA connections are available with the purchase of an additional adapter. Two models are up for grabs: the 500GB version will set you back $120, while its bigger 750GB cousin costs a cool $140.

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