Seagate Now Shipping World's First 4TB Hard Drive with 1TB Platters

Paul Lilly

You could store over a million songs on Seagate's 4TB hard drive.

A representative for Seagate dropped us a note today to let us know the company is now shipping what it claims is the industry's first and only 4TB hard drive to utilize 1TB-per-platter technology. According to Seagate, the four-platter design is a winning one that allows for the highest performance possible while doubling capacity and reducing costs, ultimately giving consumers the best of all worlds.

To put that kind of storage space in perspective, Seagate says its 4TB drive is nearly 800,000 times larger than the first desktop drive it introduced way back in 1979. There's enough storage space to tuck away 800,000 photos, 450 hours of HD video, or over 1 million songs, "all at the lowest cost per gigabyte in the industry," Seagate says.

The drive also boasts the highest average data rate of any desktop HDD on the market at 146MB/s. At the same time, it consumes 35 percent less power than the competition, Seagate claims. Other features include 64MB of cache and a 5,900 RPM spindle speed.

You can find the drive online in retail trim for around $212 shipped, or as low as $190 for the bare drive.

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