Seagate Ignites Enterprise with New SSD and HDD Solutions

Paul Lilly

Seagate this morning announced a slew of new enterprise storage solutions, covering all the bases in the process. These include two new members to Seagate's performance-oriented Pulsar solid state drive (SSD) family, two next generation Savvio 15K and 10K hard drives, and a high capacity Constellation ES.2 3TB HDD.

Let's start with the Pulsar.2 and Pulsar XT.2. Seagate claims the Pulsar.2 is the first MLC-based (up to 800GB) SSD from an enterprise HDD vendor. It was designed from the ground up for enterprise use and can automatically detect and correct a multitude of data errors that can occur during normal use, Seagate says. It supports both native 6Gb/s SAS and SATA 6Gb/s interfaces.

The Pulsar XT.2 is a 2.5-inch, SLC-based drive with a native 6GB/s SAS interface. It comes in capacities up to 400GB and offers random reads at 48K and writes at 22K IOPS, along with sequential reads at 360MB/s and writes at 300MB/s.

If your enterprise isn't ready for SSDs, the Savvio 15K.3 and Savvio 10K.5 both offer a balance of performance and capacity, compromising a bit on both fronts. The 10K.5 is available up to 900GB and sports either a 6GB/s SAS or 4Gb Fibre Channel interface. The 15K.3, meanwhile, tops out at 300GB, but spins faster than the 10K.5.

Finally, there's the new Constellation ES.2 hard drive with 3TB of storage. This drive introduces a new Seagate RAID Rebuild feature for enterprise HDDs designed to reduce RAID recovery time when a hard drive gives up the ghost.

Image Credit: Seagate

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