SeaGate Announces Wi-Fi Enabled GoFlex Satellite External HDD

Brad Chacos

For watching movies on the go, it's hard to beat a tablet PC. Unfortunately, the hard drive limitations on portable PCs mean that media junkies like us can quickly run out of disk space.

Seagate's just-announced GoFlex Satellite 500GB hard drive is designed to address the storage concerns associated with on-the-go computers. The drive's built-in Wi-Fi support means you'll be able to leave the hard drive in your backpack while you stream videos to your portable device, and the battery life isn't anything to sneeze at either – the GoFlex will be able to stream video for five straight hours or sit in standby for over a day before it'll need a recharge. That's a lot of Sopranos videos.

Seagate could've left it at that, but they sweetened the pot even further to entice potential buyers that are sitting on the fence. The hardware will ship with Seagate's Media Sync software, which syncs your files across multiple devices, and a GoFlex Media app that loads media onto PCs as a temporary file then drops the GoFlex Satellite back into standby mode.

The GoFlex Satellite will be available in the U.S. in July for $200.

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