SD Association Rolls Out Wireless SD Card Standard

Brad Chacos

It’s increasingly becoming a wireless world, folks. Just check out the headlines from the past week or so. On top of the omnipresent smartphone/tablet chatter, we saw the launch of next-gen “5G Wi-Fi” chips capable of streaming 1080p video without a hitch, and now, today’s news: even your SD card is going wireless. Seriously.

The SD Association’s new Wireless LAN SD standard mixes storage with wireless IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, according to the organization’s press release (PDF). No longer will you need to whip out a USB cable or yank your SD card out of your phone or camera to transfer files back and forth between your device and your computer; it’s all over the air, baby. The same press release tosses out a few ways users will be able to use the new standard to their advantage:

  • Upload family, vacation or sports photos and video wirelessly from a camera or video camera to a computer or server for sharing or backup.
  • Wirelessly download pictures from servers with cameras and video cameras using Wireless LAN SD memory cards. Consumers can share pictures and videos without email or physical card transfers, including peer-to-peer picture and video transfers from cameras to smart phones and tablets wirelessly without an access point.
  • Use Wireless LAN SD memory cards as wireless control points for other devices, such as TVs, in a home network.

Nifty, eh? The new standard can apply to both full-sized and micro SD/SDHC/SDXC cards, but there’s no word on when we’ll see the first ones. It'll probably be a while, though. If you need your wireless SD fix today, Eye-Fi’s been doing it for a while now .

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