Script Kiddies Hijack @USAToday, Encourage Tweeters To Vote For Next Victim

Brad Chacos

With Anonymous and LulzSec being a bit on the quiet side recently – maybe because the law is breathing down their necks? – you knew it was only a matter of time before some other smart-mouthed organization stepped into the limelight in a quest to annoy us all. Enter the Script Kiddies. This group’s not targeting databases or disfiguring websites; their M.O. is hijacking Twitter accounts and posting dumbass fake stories. Fox News and NBC News have already fallen victim to their idiocy – now add USA Today to the list. This hijacking spread promotional material rather than FUD, however.

The group got two quick tweets off on @USAToday before the publication locked the account down, Graham Cluley at Sophos reports . "Fox News, Wal-mart, Unilevel, Pfizer, NBC and now USA Today. who's next? Vote now! [LINK]" and "Please like The Script Kiddies on Facebook! You could choose our next target!"

The tweets being issued by the group lead one to believe that it very well may be attention-seeking kiddies manning the helm, but we’re willing to bet that NBC, Fox and USA Today are nevertheless pushing authorities to find the perps and throw them in the juvey slam. If nothing else, the Script Kiddies’ antics remind us all to create hard passwords – yeah, we’re looking at you – and avoid clicking on attachments from unknown senders.

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