Scosche Expands "Realm" Headset Line by Three, Power Line of Chargers by Five

Paul Lilly

You run into all kinds at CES, from big name OEMs introducing fancy Ultrabooks models, to companies like Scosche, which has been dabbling in accessories and car audio for over three decades. The latest products from Scosche include three brand new additions to its Realm line of premium headphones, a free tuneQ equalizer app for iPhone and iPod touch devices, and nearly half a dozen chargers of various utility.

Starting with the audio gear, Scosche adds reference grade Bluetooth headphones, RH656md on-ear headphones, and IDR676md earphones. The Bluetooth model and on-ear cans are powered by 40mm drivers and feature copper voice coils and "rare earth neodymium magnets" for accurate music reproduction, Scosche says. The new Realm IDR676md earphones are the first to feature an integrated bass contour switch for finer grain low frequency control.

Moving on, all five of Scosche's new "Power" line chargers work with the free reVIVE battery management app for both iOS and Android devices. The reVIVE app gives mobile user a graphical glimpse of how much battery life remains to watch, talk, listen, surf, and how long it will take to recharge.

Image Credit: Scosche

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