Scalpers Riding the Google Wave Money Train


Google sent out invitations to the new Google Wave beta yesterday and chaos is ensuing . Patrick Runald, senior manager of security and research at Websense, has been keeping an eye on all of the madness.

He has tracked search queries related to Wave invitations that lead you down the dark dirty alleys of the interwebs. Many searches yield results to malware and virus laden sites where it’s always phishing season.

The Wall Street Journal also reported an eBay auction for a Google Wave invite that saw bids get over $100 and side offers in the thousands. EBay quashed the whole thing due to copyright restrictions in its seller policy, but how gadget crazy has the world gone?

Did you get an invite? If you didn’t, are you livid and determined to get one “by any means?” Or are you cool with waiting for your turn to ride the Wave?

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