Satechi Turns a Single USB Port into a Dozen with Power

Paul Lilly

Satechi's 12-port USB hub with power adapter isn't an item you can't live without, but it sure does have the potential to make life a little easier if you own a bunch of USB powered gadgets. The device looks like a power strip but is lined with a dozen LED USB 2.0 ports to connect your digital camera, flash drive, external hard drive, tablet, smartphone, or whatever else you might need to pull files from and/or charge.

Credit goes to Tom's Guide for the heads up on the Satechi UH-12P USB 2.0 Hub with Power's availability. Its regular price is $40 though it's currently going for $30, which isn't offensive if you can use something like this.

The USB hub is uniquely designed with two switches that control the first and second set of six USB ports with blue LED indicators. It comes with a power supply so it can charge your devices without sucking juice from your notebook. In addition, the USB power strip supports Plug-n-Play (duh), is hot swappable and hot pluggable, and chains up to 127 USB devices.

If this sounds like something you can use, you can grab one here .

Image Credit: Satechi

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