Sapphire Chills Out with R9 280 Dual-X and R9 280X Vapor-X Graphics Cards



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with the silly markup on amd cards since coin miners keep the cards out of stock?

I somehow doubt that AMD's msrp would be anywhere close to what you will be able to grab one off newegg or amazon for.

Is it just me that's annoyed by this? I know that miners buying the cards is good for the companies and their bottom lines, but where does that leave the rest of the gamers that want to use the cards for their intended purpose?

I game on a budget. I used to splurge on new tech when i was young and reckless. but now i dont have 500 to 700 big ones to drop on a vid card like i used to back when i bought a geforce 2 ultra.(when that was thee card to have).

I myself am partial to AMD cards and have been for years now. It irks me that the AMD equivalent of a nvidia card is priced in a way that makes it not even a contender for purchase because demand is outpacing supply.

Whatever happened to people folding at home to help solve real problems in their spare time with their idle pc's? Now its people racing the electric bill trying to produce more of an internet currency that is "created" by crunching numbers that have no inherent value other than as markers to show "hey i crunched these me". that race by the way is or is nearly over at this point.

the amount of data to be crunched grows with every coin found and is on the cusp of (or may be*) outweighing the cost of electricty needed to crunch out the coin.

will be happy when its all over and people have mined all the coins there are to be had. Or maybe realize that there are other BETTER things to invest money into. Commodities like gold bullion certainly are more tangible and appreciate in value without taking electricity to maintain.

*note the math showing the relationship between the cost of mining coins is fuzzy(electricty costs vary) at this point. however the relationship is slowly and constantly tipping in the direction of coins taking more electricity to mine than they are worth.



AMD isn't making any extra cash from these, it's all the retailers.

You're definitely not the only one, there's a lot of frustrated people out there.

Keep expecting Nvidia to raise their prices in response, but considering the R9 price inflation seems to be something unique to North America (you can find them in Europe, for example, close to MSRP), they might be hesitant to issue a regional-only price hike? I don't know. Keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't get any worse.



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