Sapphire Introduces World's First Single Slot, Low Profile Radeon HD 6670

Brad Chacos

Looking for a single slot, low profile Radeon HD 6670 graphics card? Up until now, your search would have been fruitless – there wasn’t one. Today, there is, thanks to Sapphire. The company claims that the newest edition to its HD 6600 lineup, the Sapphire HD 6670 Low Profile, is the first graphics card ever created that fits that bill.

Now for the specs: the Sapphire HD 6670 Low Profile has (in addition, of course, to its low profile) 480 Stream Processors, 24 texture processing units and 1 GB of DDR5 RAM. That memory is clocked at 1000MHz (4GHz effective) while the GPU clocks in at 800MHz. Port-wise, there’s dual-Link DVI, HDMI and VGA connections. It has both standard and low-profile back plates, so it’ll be right at home either in a typical desktop or a home theater PC.

“As the core technology is low power, no external power connection is required, making this series ideal for system upgrades or mainstream PCs that do not have high end power supplies,” Sapphire points out helpfully in its press release . What they don’t point out is pricing or release date details. The rest of Sapphire HD 6670 cards come in at around $100 or less, though.

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