Sapphire HD 7970 6GB Toxic Edition Totes World's Fastest GPU

Paul Lilly

GPU bragging rights now belong to Sapphire, which claims its new HD 7970 6GB Toxic Edition graphics card features the highest clockspeeds of any consumer grade videocard on the planet. It also has a massive 6GB frame buffer, which is twice as big as your 'run-of-the-mill' Radeon HD 7970 graphics card, if there can be such a thing. Getting back to the clockspeeds, however, this thing comes straight from the factory sporting a 1050MHz GPU (1100MHz via PowerTune Dynamic Boost) and 6000MHz (effective) memory. That's just the beginning.

"By pressing the new Sapphire exclusive Lethal Boost Button, the beast is unleashed, boosting the core clock speed to 1100 MHz with PowerTune Dynamic Boost to an industry first of 1200 MHz on the engine while the memory is further overclocked to 6400 MHz effective," Sapphire says. "The fan profile and PowerTune limit is also changed to performance settings. In addition, users will be able to individually tune the card with SAPPHIRE TriXX, the company’s free to download software tool that allows key parameters to be adjusted for maximum performance."

Making all this possible is a new power control system Sapphire developed called Lethal Power Suite. This consists of an 8-phase power design for the GPU VDDC, an additional 1-phase design for VDDCI and MVDD, and a new double-sided Black Diamond Choke. The card also features DirectFET technology and a 12-layer PCB.

Sapphire said it's only making a limited number of these cards available, though didn't say exactly how many or how much it will cost.

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