Sanyo to Upgrade its Xacti 720p Handheld Camcorder


Capturing high definition video in the palm of your hand is about to get easier if Sanyo's DMX-HD800 can live up to its billing. The 8MP compact camera will come in gold, pink, and black and be capable of recording video in 720p (1280x720) at 30fps using the AVC/H.264 video codec. Features include:

  • Drag and drop capable
  • HD videos and still pictures
  • Snap photos while filming without pausing the video
  • Face recognition (up to 12 faces)
  • Digital image stabilizer
  • In-camera video editing

Capturing quality videos from a handheld gadget always elicits skepticism, but Sanyo promises its three-dimensional digital noise reduction (3DDNR) filter will offer both clear videos and crisp photos. It was enough to impress AkihabaraNews, who claims the camera represents a "HUGE step forward in video quality" and described the change as "AMAZING" compared to Sanyo's previous model, the HD700.

Image Credit: Sanyo

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