Sanho's Second Generation HyperDrive Adds 1TB of Pricey Storage to iPad

Paul Lilly

Sanho just introduced its second run of HyperDrive hard drives for the iPad, this time upping the storage ante to 1TB. The HyperDrives hook up to any iPad using the Apple Camera Connection Kit and then acts just like any normal USB hard drive would.

"HyperDrive iPad Hard Drive lets you carry your entire HD movie and photo library with your iPad," says Daniel Chin , President of Sanho Corporation. "HyerDrive is as compact as your portable USB hard drive and yet at capacities up to 1TB, can hold more data than your laptop. "The iPad is the perfect media player but its capacities are limited and it requires a computer and iTunes to transfer media to the iPad, HyerDrive releases the iPad from this restriction and truly turns it into a media consuming device."

The HyperDrive line isn't cheap, however. You'll have to fork over $400 for the 1TB model. Other capacities include 320GB ($200), 500GB ($250), 640GB ($300), and 750GB ($350). Sanho also sells just the case alone for $100.

Image Credit: Sanho

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