SanDisk Connect Storage Products Stream Data Wirelessly to Mobile and PC



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Is there any legitimate reason they can't make these things into a small hub (of 1 or 2 ports) and allow users to use their own flash and external hard drives?

$50/60 for 16/32GB is something I can say I personally will never pay for items like this, when for a slightly different setup (like a laptop + external + wifi sharing app) I get the same results, albeit a more bulky one.



There are already have such product on the market but with more functions(Power Bank,Router etc) and cheaper.Such as RAVPower Filehub,HooToo TripMate. I am wondering what sandisk is going to do to win this war.



Hmmm... $50 for 16GB? eh... I'll pass. It's cool and all but it seems like they used flash memory just to use it.

I remember reading in the magazine edition a while ago that SSD drives are more energy efficient (as odd as that seems) than mechanical drives. IMO, it would have been better to cram a 1TB 5400RPM drive in the box, sell it for $100 and call it a day.

I stand corrected, SSD's use less power (anywhere between 4-8 watts depending on which research you choose to believe). Still... I'd take the added storage space in exchange for 3.5 hours of battery life as opposed to 4 hours of battery life for 16GB.