SanDisk Teams with Intel and Other Industry Heavyweights to Promote Low Power SATA Spec

Paul Lilly

SanDisk is pushing hard for a new SATA standard that will purportedly enable OEMs to offer solid state drives with SATA performance while consuming significantly less power than today's devices. The spec is called SATA DEVSLP, and SanDisk has the support of several tech giants, including Intel, Samsung, and Microsoft, all of which have a vested interest in reducing power requirements for mobile devices.

"Mobile computing platforms such as Ultrabook devices and tablets are challenged to deliver the high performance and long battery life demanded by consumers," said Jeff Janukowicz , research director, solid state drives, IDC. "The intent of this initiative is to extend the SATA high-performance standard to better address these low power mobile applications. It's encouraging to see industry-wide support by key vendors in the mobile ecosystem and this is a big step toward widespread use of SSD solutions."

According to SanDisk, today's best-in-class SSDs support low power consumption modes that sip just 50mW. Not bad, but the SATA DEVSLP spec would lower that number all the way down to 5mW, ultimately resulting in thinner devices with longer battery life, and without giving up performance.

Image Credit: SanDisk

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