SanDisk Targets Consumers With Its "New" Ultra SSD

Brad Chacos

We've heard it before; solid state drives are the wave of the future. Spinning platters and read/write heads are so, like, 2008. In the recent weeks, we've heard about pricing woes from DRAM manufacturers that could well lead to NAND making strides in the memory market . SanDisk's beating the SSD drum, too. The company's just released the consumer-orientated Ultra SSD, which it says can replace traditional HDDs and extend the life of your poor beaten-down old PC.

"The new SSD can extend the life of desktop and notebook PCs, and offers greater performance, durability and power efficiency than a hard disk drive," SanDisk proudly boasts in its press release . (See? We told you they said it.) Calling the Ultra SSD "new" is a bit of a stretch; the same hardware has been offered to OEMs for a while now.

The SATA 2.0 interface used by the Ultra SSD delivers a 280MB/s sequential read speed and 270MB/s sequential write speeds. "Up to 3 Gb/s random speeds surpass other SATA II SSDs and enable faster system boot and application launch times," SanDisk claims. The company also brags about the Ultra SSD's low power consumption – appealing to laptop users – and claims to have achieved a 1 million Mean Time Between Failure rating during internal stress tests.

"Replacing a computer's hard disk drive with the SanDisk Ultra SSD is more cost effective than buying a new PC," said Kent Perry, SanDisk's Director of Product Marketing.

You can pick up a 60GB, 120GB or 240GB Ultra SSD for prices ranging from $130 to $450.

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