SanDisk, Sony, and Nikon Propose 500MB/s Memory Card Format

Paul Lilly

The CompactFlash Association only recently released the CF6.0 specification, which calls for a maximum transfer rate of 167MB/s. That's fast, but not nearly fast enough for SanDisk, Sony, and Nikon. The tech trio is proposing a new specification that will essentially triple transfer rates to 500MB/s via PCI-Express.

"This ultra high-speed media format will enable further evolution of hardware and imaging applications, and widen the memory card options available to CompactFlash users such as professional photographers," said Mr. Shigeto Kanda, Canon, and chairman of the Board, CFA. "This next generation formation is expected to be widely adapted to various products, including those other than high-end DSLRs."

The proposed specification isn't just about speed, but capacity as well. According to the three companies, capacities beyond 2TB would be possible, which would better allow for continuous burst shooting of massive RAW images and HD video applications.

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