SanDisk Shows World's Fastest 128GB SDXC Card and iNAND Ultra Embedded Flash Memory

Paul Lilly

SanDisk scooted into the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with a pair of high speed SDXC cards in tow. Actually, the SanDisk Extreme SDXC UHS-I series, available in 64GB and 128GB capacities, is the fastest of its kind on this or any other world (until little green aliens land on Earth and prove otherwise, anyway), featuring read and write speeds of up to 45MB/s, according to SanDisk .

The UHS Speed Class 1 rating is plenty fast enough to capture everything from DSLR movies to 3D footage, and with up to 128GB of capacity, you can record hours of video before running out of storage space. Both the 64GB and 128GB are available now for $200 and $400, respectively.

SanDisk's other big announcement pertains to its new iNAND Ultra line of products, which will be the first of its embedded flash memory products to move to 19nm manufacturing technology. This is the industry's most advanced chip making process to date. By shrinking to 19nm, SanDisk says equipment makers will be able to develop products with larger storage capacities, paving the way for more storage space in smartphones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets.

"The iNAND Ultra products will be the first of our three iNAND embedded flash memory families to migrate to leading-edge 19nm process technology in 2012," said Amir Lehr , vice president, Embedded Memory Business. "SanDisk's advanced manufacturing and packaging expertise allows us to support increased storage capacities and smaller device footprint requirements to meet the growing demand for sleeker, more feature rich mobile devices."

New products feature up to 20MB/s sequential write and up to 80MB/s sequential read performance. SanDisk says it is currently working with major OEMs and chip vendors, and will initially ship iNAND Ultra products in 8GB to 64GB capacities in the first quarter of 2012.

Image Credit: SanDisk

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