SanDisk Offers Up Tiny Flash Drive

Ryan Whitwam

Do you love flash drives, but are constantly feeling exhausted from lugging them around? If so, this is your lucky day , because SanDisk would like to sell you the "smallest USB flash drive in North America". We assume this means there are smaller drives elsewhere - probably in Japan. The drive is called the SanDisk Cruzer Blade, and weights in at about 2.5g, or the same as a penny. Physically, it's the size of a paperclip.

SanDisk hopes you'll see fit to attach this bit of tech to your keychain, or a cell phone lanyard ring. To be hauled around in such a way it would have to be sturdy, and we are unconvinced. The drives will come in capacities from2GB up to 16GB, and will sell for $14.99-$77.99. This product definitely falls into the "hey, that's cool" category, but we're also worried it will fall into the "I didn't realize it was in my pocket, and I washed it" category. Are you planning to pick one up?

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