SanDisk Announes 'Extreme' Solid State Drive Series for Performance Junkies

Paul Lilly

If the high prices of mechanical hard drives has you feeling blue, perhaps you should use it as an excuse to kick a little green at a high performance solid state drive instead. You won't save any money by going that route, but if it's a matter of principle, or if you've been shopping a fast SSD anyway, SanDisk is hoping you'll consider its new Extreme SSD line .

The new drives are available in 120GB ($200), 240GB ($400), and 480GB ($750) capacities with varying levels of performance. Starting with the smallest one, the 120GB drive boasts up to 550MB/s sequential read and up to 510MB/s sequential write speeds, along with up to 23K random read and up to 83K random write IOPS.

Performance numbers are similar for SanDisk's 240GB Extreme SSD, which features the same sequential read (550MB/s) and random write (83K IOPS) performance, but slightly better writes (up to 520MB/s sequential) and random read performance (33K IOPS).

Finally, SanDisk's 480GB model offers up to 540MB/s sequential read and up to 460MB/s sequential write performance, up to 44K IOPS for random reads, and up to 45K IOPS for random writes. Interestingly, SanDisk rates the MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) on the 480GB at 1.4 million hours, compared to 2 million hours for the 240GB model and 2.5 million hours for the 120GB model.

All three capacities will ship sometime later this year.

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Image Credit: SanDisk

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