SanDisk Announces 19nm Memory Chip

Paul Lilly

With a little help from its manufacturing partner Toshiba, SanDisk today announced a 64Gb (gigabit), 2-bits-per-cell (X2) based monolithic chip produced using 19nm manufacturing technology. This, SanDisk says, is the most advanced memory process technology node in the world, and with it, the flash memory card maker intends to produce embedded and removable storage devices with high capacities for things like mobile phones, tablets PCs, and other portable products.

"We are excited to introduce the world’s smallest and lowest-cost NAND flash chips based on industry-leading 19nm process technology in our ongoing collaboration with our manufacturing partner Toshiba," said Yoram Cedar , executive vice president and chief technology officer, SanDisk. "Products based on this technology are designed to enable new applications, form factors and consumer experience that will continue to drive the flash industry to new heights."

SanDisk said it plans to sample its 19nm 64Gb X2 device this quarter, with high-volume production scheduled for the second half of 2011. That means you should start to see actual shipping products either by the end of the year, or early 2012.

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