SandForce Updates SSD Controllers for Longer Battery Life, Better Performance in Ultrabooks

Paul Lilly

LSI Corporation today announced an injection of enhanced features into its SandForce SF-2200 and SF-2100 series of client flash storage processors (FSPs) specifically designed to play nice with Ultrabooks. The new features are said to extend battery life by as much as one hour, cut down on resume times when waking from sleep mode, and "enhance the overall user experience."

One way the upgraded processors purport to do that is by enabling faster system boot times. Support has been added for "virtually all MLC flash product families," as well as SATA 6Gbps host connectivity, all while meeting the low Z-height product requirement of Intel's Ultrabook form factor.

Affected SandForce processors include the SF-2141, SF-2241, and SF-2281, each of which can handle capacities ranging from 24GB to 512GB. This is good news for the Ultrabook sector, which typically employ slower SSDs (generally speaking) than what's found in the desktop and traditional notebook markets.

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