San Francisco Bigwigs on Board with Cell Phone Radiation Disclosure

Paul Lilly

Much ado has been made about the long-term health effects of frequent cell phone usage, and studies have come to mixed conclusions. Some studies fail to show any kind of link between jamming a cell phone against your noggin for extended periods of time, while others warn that within the next decade or so, you'll be able to identify frequent chatters by the tails they've grown.

Regardless of which side is right, San Francisco's Board of Supervisors voted in favor of a law that would require retailers to display exactly how much radiation is emitted by cell phones. Following the vote, this will likely become a law after a 10-day waiting period, in which citizens and politicians have a chance to comment on the bill.

"In addition to protecting the consumers’ right to know, this legislation will encourage telephone manufacturers to redesign their devices to function at lower radiation levels," said Mayor Gavin Newsom, announcing the legislation. "This is similar to Prop 65, which dramatically reduced public exposure to toxic materials because chemical companies removed toxic ingredients from their products in order to avoid product warnings."

Should this go into law, San Francisco cell phone shoppers will be able to see the specific absorption rate (SPR) of any cell phone being sold. This number represents the amount of radiation produced that's absorbed into the body, and retailers who neglect to disclose this info would be hit with a $300 fine.

Image Credit: Eco Warrior

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