Samsung's Wi-Fi Enabled SH100 Works with Android Phones

Paul Lilly

In case the SH100's 3-inch LCD screen isn't large enough, Samsung says its latest Wi-Fi enabled point-n-shoot can connect to your Android powered Galaxy S smartphone (which we presume to mean any Android phone) so you can preview shots in real time.

Perhaps that's a little gimmicky, but Samsung says you can also share your photos over the Internet and social networks, so long as you have Wi-Fi access. It can also automatically back up pics to your PC by pushing just two buttons, or by using DLNA to wirelessly connect to your HDTV and see your shots and videos right away, Samsung says.

Other features include a 14.2MP sensor, 720p movie mode, digital image stabilization, and a host of proprietary technologies. The SH100 will go on sale in March for $200.

Image Credit: Samsung

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