Samsung's WB700 Point-n-Shoot Boasts 24X Zoom

Paul Lilly

Samsung's latest WB700 point-n-shoot digital camera lets you get up close and personal -- real close and personal -- with a 24X zoom lens. Skeptical? You should be -- it's actually a still-impressive 18X optical zoom supplemented by a 1.3X "Smart Zoom," Samsung says .

The camera sports a 24mm ultra-wide Schneider KREUZNACH lens and a 16MP CCD sensor. Full manual control is part of the spec sheet, and so is the ability to record full 1080p high definition videos (H.264 format).

Other notable features include RAW file format support, built-in software, an advanced noise reduction algorithm Samsung says "actively cancels out the zoom noise," andd digital image stabilization.

Look for this one to ship in April 2011 for $300.

Image Credit: Samsung

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