Samsung's Latest EcoGreen Drive Does 2TB without Offending Mother Nature

Paul Lilly

Look for Samsung to soon begin shipping the EcoGreen F4EG, a 2TB 3.5-inch hard drive the company claims is the world's highest density HDD, and environmentally friendly to boot.

"Storage-hungry multimedia professionals, gamers, and home PC users continue to increase the amount of video, music, photo, and other personal data they store and back-up," said I.C. Park , vice president, Storage Sales, Semiconductor Business, Samsung Electronics. "The F4EG delivers all the benefits of a low-power drive yet features top performance quality and is environmentally friendly."

In order to claim the density crown, Samsung packed 667GB of storage space onto three platters. Combined with "advanced technology," Samsung says the F4EG is 19 percent better in standby time performance, and boasts a 23 percent lower power consumption in standby compared to the previous four-disk F3EG model.

Other features include SATA 3.0Gbps, NCQ, and a 32MB buffer. The F4EG will ship in September for $120.

Image Credit: Samsung

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