Samsung's 55-Inch LCD TV Does 3D without the Glasses

Paul Lilly

Glasses-free 3D technology continues to gain steam. Later this month, Nintendo will launch its 3DS handheld console, the first of what we hope are many 3D devices that ditch the 3D glasses (assuming this whole 3D fad sticks around). Next up are large screen TVs, and as you read this, Samsung's over in China showing off a 55-inch 3D LCD TV that's able to produce 3D effects without any eye gear.

According to TechOn , Samsung's glasses-free 3D panel contains nine viewpoints when in 3D mode (it can also be switched to 2D). For best results, Samsung recommends sitting 2.5-6 meters (about 8-20 feet) away. The TV works by beaming different images to each eye, and when switching to 2D mode, it acts as a smart TV.

Currently in prototype form, the LCD TV sports a 1920x1080 resolution, 4,000:1 contrast ratio, and 500cd/m2 brightness. Samsung says it can be replaced with an LED backlight unit before going commercial, which is still about three years away.

Image Credit: TechOn

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