Samsung Doubles the GPU Performance in Updated Exynos 5 Octa Processor



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We'll most likely see an octa-core when the S5 comes out in NA....



What good is a Octo Mega Super CPU / GPU when Google cant even get it's Android OS to stop stuttering? let alone, fix it's Security Flaws. But Hardware wise, I do welcome more power in my Phone. Shame it's still not enough to run SWF files. Now, If only they could get the battery to run the phone all day without needing a charge.



Most interface lag is due to poorly optimized OEM skins. Just look at the reviews for the Google Play version of the Galaxy S4... It's perfectly smooth while the Samsung customized version stutters, and that's on some ridiculously powerful smartphone hardware. My 2 year old stock Android Galaxy Nexus is perfectly smooth, and on a tenth of the hardware of the S4.

Besides the Launcher, stuttering in Android is the direct result of an uncontrolled application marketplace and full multitasking. Apple just flat out doesn't allow poorly written applications into it's app store. And all other mobile OS's other than Android don't have full multitasking, meaning that applications running in the background only have access to a very specific set of highly controlled API's that are completely controlled by the OS, thus allowing the OS to give nearly 100% of hardware resources to the application currently running on screen. In Android apps are free to access hardware resources any way they see fit, meaning poorly written applications will consume considerable hardware resources even when running in the background, resulting in fewer hardware resources available to the application running on your screen and therefore stuttering.

Android compromises on guaranteed hardware resource dedication in order to achieve significantly more flexibility. It's currently the only smartphone OS that operates in this way. It's also why Android allows for applications like uTorrent, which is flat out impossible to build for other smartphone OS's.

It's a pick-one situation: full multitasking, or controlled multitasking with active application resource dedication.

Android chose the former.



I'm curious as to which phone you use that has OS stuttering? I'm using the SIII with no issues.



First of all it's up to the device manufacturer to optimize Android for their specific hardware. Just take a look at the Moto X for example. It uses a dual core but outperforms the Nexus 4, which has a quad core (the benchmark used utilized four threads). Second, I doubt this chip will be used in phones. It will most likely be used exclusively in tablets and chromebooks like what happened with the Exynos 5250. And why on earth would you want to play flash games that were designed to be played with a keyboard and mouse? Flash video has worked just fine for a while now.



Exactly. Android doesn't lag as stock android. It's when skins and sloppy changes are made blame the OEM, not Android.