Samsung Virtual Reality Headset to be launched at IFA 2014

Sean D Knight

VR headset to be used with Galaxy Smartphone

Samsung has been working on its own VR headset that is being developed in collaboration with Oculus VR. According to SamMobile , Samsung’s VR device is called the Gear VR and it will be announced at IFA 2014 .

Samsung has developed the Gear VR with a modular design that will allow users to connect a Galaxy device via USB 3.0. Instead of being a standalone device, like the Oculus Rift, Gear VR is devoid of sensors and will rely on a smartphone’s accelerometer, gyroscope, and processing power for tracking head motion.

The Gear VR, according to SamMobile's picture, will have a see-through button that will allow consumers to use the smartphone’s rear-facing camera sensor in order to receive a video feed of the outside world that is located on the right side which would negate the need to remove the VR headset in order to look around. A touchpad, located beneath the see-through button, will be used to navigate through the smartphone’s user interface.

While the hardware is being developed by Samsung, Oculus VR is helping the company develop its software. SamMobile also claims Samsung is planning to dedicate an entire section of Samsung Apps for Gear VR and will make the Gear VR’s SDK available to developers shortly after its announcement at IFA 2014 .

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