Samsung Unveils Power Efficient 840 Pro Series SSDs with Tri Core MDX Controller and 100,000 IOPS

Paul Lilly

Starting off the week in style, Samsung today announced its fastest solid state drives (SSDs) yet, the 840 and 840 Pro Series. These new drives feature an updated MDX controller comprised of three ARM Cortex-R4 cores running at 300MHz. The beefier controller allows the new drives to run faster and handle new features, like full-drive AES-256 encryption, and paves the way for blistering fast IOPS rated at up to 100,000 (random reads) on the Pro models.

The non-Pro 840 models will come in 120GB, 250GB, and 500GB capacities. They're 2.5-inch drives that measure 7mm thick. Samsung rates sequential read and write performance at up to 540MB/s and 330MB/s, respectively, which is slightly slower than the 830 Series, which are rated at up to 520MB/s (read) and 400MB/s (write). However, IOPS performance has been much improved. Random read/write IOPS on the 840 Series are rated at up to 98,000/70,000, versus 80,000/36,000 on the 830 Series.

Samsung's Pro Series up the ante by taking random read/write IOPS to 100,000/90,000. It also boasts the fastest sequential read and write transfers, which top out at 540MB/s and 520MB/s. Reviews have started popping up on the web, and the consensus is that the 840 Pro are the fastest consumer level SSDs around. Amazingly, the 840 Pro Series is rated at just 0.068 watts of active power use and 0.042 watts at idle, which is significantly lower than the 830 Series it replaces (0.24 watts active and 0.14 watts idle).

The question on everyone's mind is, how much will they cost? Well, the regular 840 Series will carry an MSRP of $110 (120GB), $200 (250GB), and $550 (500GB) in bare drive form -- add $20 to each for an upgrade kit consisting of a 3.5-inch mounting backet and cables. The 840 Pro will go for $100 (64GB), $150 (128GB), $270 (256GB), and $700 (512GB), with no upgrade bundle available.

Samsung said its new drives will be available in mid-October.

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