Samsung Unveils Low Power USB Display

Paul Lilly

Yet another reason why you just can't have enough USB ports, Samsung has developed a USB-powered LCD PC display that requires no AC/DC power source.

The display, which was being shown off at the SID 2010 conference in Seattle, measures 18.5 inches and consumes as little as 6.3W. Plug it into a USB port and you're good to go.

"We are planning to start volume production of the LCD display for desktop PCs in 2011," Samsung said.

In order to ditch the traditional power cord, Samsung had to figure out a way to reduce power consumption. The company did this by improving the transmittance of the panel and luminance efficiency of the backlight. According to Samsung, the transmittance of the panel is at about 7 percent, but the company declined to elaborate on what technologies it used to achieve this.

What we do know is that it comes with an edge-lit type backlight that taps into LEDs for its light source. Samsung's LEDs boast a higher efficiency than traditional LEDs used in LCD monitors, but at a rated lifetime of 30,000 hours, they also offer about 20,000 hours less.

Image Credit: TechOn

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