Samsung Treats Galaxy Note Owners to Jelly Bean, Premium Suite Upgrade

Paul Lilly

Split-screen multi-tasking in the original Galaxy Note? Yes, please!

Original Galaxy Note owners no longer have to look at their Galaxy Note II brethren with envy, at least not as it pertains to software. That's because Samsung is allowing Galaxy Note owners to feast on Jelly Bean, as confirmed by an updated product page detailing the device's Premium Suite update. It's a pretty extensive update that brings with it many of the same tricks and features found on the Galaxy Note II, including dual-window multitasking, pop-up Notes, photo frames, an enhanced S Note, and more.

The multi-window feature is probably the most intriguing. After applying the update, Galaxy Note owners will be able to split the screen into two sections, allowing you to make more efficient use of all that screen real estate. And of course there's all the functionality that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean brings to the table, including better performance and the Google Now voice assistant software.

Samsung didn't say exactly when it will roll out the updated software, but with the product page facelift, we imagine it will be very soon.

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