Samsung to Ship Dual-Core Smartphones in 2012

Paul Lilly

It's amazing how far smartphone technology has come. What started off as glorified dumb phones has evolved into bona fide mini-PCs that fit into your shirt pocket, and the hardware inside improves with each new generation. The next big upgrade is dual-core processors. AT&T's Atrix 4G from Motorola has a dual-core chip, but we're still very much living in a single-core smartphone world. That will change in 2012 as more smartphone makers jump on the multi-core bandwagon, including Samsung.

According to Samsung South Korea, the smartphone maker "will be releasing a smartphone that boasts performance levels matching desktop PCs." That's because this upcoming device will come equipped with a dual-core processor running at 2GHz, a good 800MHz faster than the those speedy 1.2GHz single-core chips in today's high-end smartphones.

"It is easier to manufacturer a single 4GHz CPU unit instead ofa dual-core 2GHz CPU unit, but Samsung is opting for the dual-core as it is better optimized for smartphone products," Samsung said . "Dual-core facilitates multitasking using smartphones by allotting the workload on two separate cores."

Sounds good to us, though here's hoping battery life also benefits from an efficient dual-core design versus a single-core chip.

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