Samsung to Sell Series 7 Slate-inspired Windows 8 Device in 2012

Pulkit Chandna

Microsoft distributed 5,000 Samsung Windows 8 tablets among developers at its BUILD conference in September. The Windows Developer Preview PC is essentially the Samsung Series 7 Slate PC, albeit with a number of important upgrades. Now, it has emerged that the Korean electronics behemoth plans to release a Windows 8 device inspired by the Series 7 Slate next year.

According to Uhm Kyu Ho, head of sales and marketing at the company’s PC business, Samsung will release a Windows 8 device with a touch screen and a keyboard in the second half of next year. He made this revelation in an interview with Bloomberg in Seoul. This product is likely to be based on the company’s Series 7 Slate PC, he further revealed.

Perhaps veteran analyst Rick Sherlund was referring to such a device when he recently talked about Windows 8-spawned “Ultrabook Touch devices” generating a “compelling upgrade cycle” over the coming years.

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