Samsung to Inject $4 Billion into Texas Chip Factory

Paul Lilly

Samsung, the world's largest producer of memory chips, is planning to invest a whopping $4 billion in its Austin, Texas factory in order to renovate the facility and boost production of mobile chips used in smartphones and tablets, according to several reports. The investment is in addition to nearly $2 billion the company committed to spending on a new plant in South Korea last June.

This latest spending will be used, in part, to convert the production of memory chips to logic parts so that Samsung can better serve the growing mobile sector, according to Bloomberg . Simply put, there's more money in processors than memory chips, and this particular factory is where Apple's A5 and A5X processors are produced, which are used in iPad and iPhone devices.

Samsung certainly isn't afraid to spend money beefing up its operations. According to a MarketWatch report , injecting another $4 billion into its Texas facility brings the total investment up to $13 billion since it began operating in 1996.

Image Source: Samsung

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