Samsung: Stop All This Silly Acquisition Talk, We're Not Buying MeeGo, Either

Paul Lilly

For whatever reason, Samsung is a company that keeps coming up whenever there's speculation about an acquisition. There was chatter that Samsung might be interested in Hewlett-Packard's PC business, followed by rumors that it will chase HP's webOS instead, of which the OEM recently said it will "never" do. Then the talk turned to MeeGo, Intel's open source operating system for tablets and smartphones that Nokia skipped out on. Samsung isn't buying that either, nor could the company even if it had any interest.

"MeeGo is an open source project which can not be a target of acquisition," a Samsung representative told CNet .

What many people in the U.S. don't realize is that Samsung already has a mobile OS. It's called Bada, it was developed in-house, and it's not yet mingling with other OSes here in the States. Nevertheless, Samsung remains committed to building Bada, even as it continues to develop devices for Android.

"Samsung has been investing significantly in its own software, solutions, and content to differentiate its product offering and to provide a richer experience to its customers," Samsung said.

During the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Samsung said it's working on Bada "harder than people outside think," according to Bloomberg . That leaves MeeGo in a tough spot, and even though Intel claims it hasn't lost interest in its OS, you have to wonder if MeeGo will be long for this world with Nokia out of the picture and no potential suitors.

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