Samsung Starts Mass Producing Industry's Highest Density Mobile DRAM

Paul Lilly

The intelligent folks over at Samsung announced today that they're the first to start producing four gigabit (Gb), lower power double-data-rate 2 (LPDDR2) DRAM using a 30nm manufacturing process. Production actually started earlier this month, and in time, you should start to see lighter smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices as a result, Samsung says. Longer battery life is another bonus.

"Mass production of 4Gb LPDDR2 is a tremendous advancement for the mobile industry, one that will enable our OEM customers to move quickly in launching better differentiated high-performance mobile devices into the market," said Wanhoon Hong , executive vice president, memory sales & marketing, Samsung Electronics. "Samsung will continue to take the initiative in accelerating growth of the market by providing high-performance, high-density green memory products as often and as early as possible."

According to Samsung, the new chip combines high performance and energy efficiency. It support data transmissions of 1,066Mbps, or double that of today's MDDR, which runs at between 333 to 400Mbps.

As for thinner mobile devices, it currently takes four of the highest density chips stacked on top of each other to build a 1GB (8Gb) LPDDR2 package. With the new 4Gb LPDDR2, manufacturers need only stack two chips, providing a 20 percent package height reduction from 1mm to 0.8mm, while also consuming 25 percent less power.

Image Credit: Samsung

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