Samsung Starts Mass Producing 30nm 2-Gigabit Green DDR3

Paul Lilly

Samsung on Monday claimed an industry first by announcing it has begun mass producing 2Gb (gigabit, not gigabyte) Green DDR3 using a 30nm manufacturing process.

"We’re seeing a sharp rise in demand for DDR3 chips and are meeting that need with the timely introduction of 30nm-class Green DDR3 solutions," said Soo-In Cho, president, Memory Division, Semiconductor Business, Samsung Electronics. "Thirty nano-class DDR3 DRAM will deliver the most satisfying user experience possible, offering extremely high performance and reduced power consumption for PC and server applications designed to capitalize on new multi-core processors."

According to Samsung, these environmentally sound memory modules are capable of reaching up to 1.866Gbps at 1.35V, while PC modules can ramp up to 2.133Gbps at 1.5V. That's 3.5 times faster than DDR2 and 1.6 times faster than 50nm DDR3, Samsung says.

So how does this translate into the real world? According to Samsung, 30nm-class 4GB DDR3 kits for PCs can operating up to 60 percent faster than two 50nm-class 2GB DDR3 solutions, all while using 65 percent less power.

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