Samsung Stacks 30nm DDR3 Chips into Monstrous 32GB RDIMM

Paul Lilly

Go big or go home, right? Well if that's the case, tell Samsung's going to be late for dinner, because the memory chip maker isn't going home anytime soon. Samsung decided to instead go big by announcing the development of 32GB DDR3 registered dual inline memory modules (RDIMMs) built using 3D TSV (through silicon via) package technology.

To build the 32GB module, Samsung stacked 30nm-class 4Gb (gigabit) DDR3 chips on top of each other using TSV connections that pass through vertically, creating a 3D package that behaves as a single device. One of the benefits of 3D TSV technology is lower power consumption, and combined with Samsung's 30nm chips and other power features, Samsung says its new 32GB RDIMM sips just 4.5W per hour. That's the lowest available for enterprise servers, according to Samsung, and provides around 30 percent additional energy savings.

Performance is another benefit, and Samsung's 32GB RDIMM transmits data at 1333Mbps, which is 70 percent faster than the quad-rank 32GB RDIMMs clocked at 800Mbps that it's replacing.

Samsung has already issued engineering samples of its new modules and is currently collaborating with CPU and controller designers to expand support for 3D TSV server modules.

Image Credit: Samsung

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