Samsung Speaks Out On Australian Galaxy Tab Ban

Ryan Whitwam

Samsung has apparently gotten all its legal ducks in a row and has fired back at the recent court ruling that banned the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from sale in the land down under. The court found that the Galaxy Tab likely infringed on Apple’s patents, and barred Samsung from selling the device until the case could be heard next year. Lawyers for Samsung in Australia have filed an appeal of the temporary injunction, saying the judge in the case misunderstood the basic facts of the case and called the ruling “grossly unjust.” Snap .

Apple’s patents in Australia are considerably more broad than in other countries. As such, Samsung’s lawyers are arguing that the judge failed to even evaluate the patents for validity before making a ruling. With the trial not scheduled until March of 2012, Samsung would essentially be locked out of the Market until the iPad 3 was announced.

Apple’s legal team was predictably skeptical of Samsung’s filings. They claim that the judge made no error in judgement, and that the ruling would stand up to scrutiny. While the Tab 10.1 is still technically still banned from sale, some retailers have been importing them on the gray market to sell. How do you think this will shake out?

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