Samsung Skips Ahead of Apple with Over 52 Million Smartphone Shipments

Paul Lilly

While Samsung and Apple continue to tangle in court over patent infringement claims brought on by the latter, the former spends its spare time shipping smartphones, and a great number of them at that. In the second quarter of 2012, Samsung figures it shipped 52.1 million smartphones, or nearly double that of its closest rival, Apple, which shipped 26 million iPhone devices in the same time period.

Granted Samsung has the benefit of playing in Android's ecosystem, which allows it to pump out several different devices, whereas Apple deals solely with its iPhone line. Regardless of how and why, Samsung finds itself leading the smartphone category, and by a large margin.

Samsung's smartphone shipments have been bolstered by its flagship Galaxy S III device, which Juniper Research dubs a "phenomenal success." In the month of June, Samsung sold 10 million Galaxy S III phones, helping to widen the gap in overall smartphone sales with Apple, though the iPhone 5 launch will likely tighten things up.

As far as Android competitors go, Juniper Research says they "continue to fall short, with the resources needed to compete with Samsung’s marketing push halting HTC’s early promise (11.6 million) and Motorola, distracted by the Google acquisition, lacking a strong presence in Western Europe."

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