Samsung Sits on Top of DRAM Market, Wonders What all the Fuss is About

Paul Lilly

A bucket full of RAM is still nearly as cheap as a bucket full of filtered water, and that means the DRAM market is still in shambles. It's a tough business to make money in, unless you're Samsung, in which case you're so far ahead of the pack you can hardly hear the others complaining about how bad it is while reminiscing about the days when making memory chips was like printing money.

Samsung's share of the DRAM market now sits at greater than 41 percent, up from just shy of 40 percent in the first quarter of 2011, according to data by DRAMeXchange . Hynix is a distant second with a 22.8 percent share, down .1 percent from 1Q11, followed by Elpida (14.4 percent), Micron (10.8 percent), and several others with single digit percentage shares.

DRAMeXchange says total revenue for the global DRAM market in the second quarter dipped to $8.1 billion, compared to $8.3 billion in the first quarter. The memory research firm was expecting 9 percent growth over last quarter based on DRAM makers increasing output from 30nm/40nm advanced processes. But low yield rates combined with low-grade chips flooding the chip market pushed spot prices down.

Image Credit: Samsung

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