Samsung Shuffles Lovefilm Streaming App into U.K. Blu-ray Players

Paul Lilly

Lovefilm is a name to remember. Right now it's just Europe's best impersonation of Netflix, only now it's owned by Amazon. It also has the backing of Samsung, which just announced plans to include the Lovefilm streaming application on all of its Blu-ray players in the U.K.

That's a pretty significant win for Lovefilm/Amazon. As far as Blu-ray players go, Samsung owns a quarter of the European market. With the app now coming standard, Samsung Blu-ray owners get access to thousands of streaming movies, from "Hollywood blockbusters, to the latest Cannes Film Festival nominees and even critically acclaimed documentaries," provided they pony up for a £5.99 (just under US$10) for a subscription.

Image Credit: Samsung

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