Samsung Series 9 Super Lightweight Notebook is Shipping

Ryan Whitwam

Apple's Macbook Air has been widely praised for its smart, attractive industrial design. Samsung, not to be outdone, showed off their own super lightweight laptop at CES a few months ago. The Series 9 is a great looking laptop with reasonable specs, and it is on sale now .

The Series 9 is a 13-inch PC that weighs under 3 lbs. it is a scant 0.64-inches thick, which is actually slightly thinner that the Macbook Air. The Series 9 has a 128GB SSD by default and 4GB of RAM. At its core is the battery-friendly Core i5 2537 at 1.45GHz. This PC isn't going to light up the night with its speed, but should chug along respectably.

The price may be a deterrent for some at $1649 with Windows 7 Home Premium. The corresponding Air is $50 less. Would you consider spending that amount on a slim and light notebook?

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